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At Honda Racing India, the upcoming motor racers get an opportunity to partake in NSF Racing Championship to be held in India. The one to be held in 2019 is the NSF 250R Racing Championship. This opportunity will act as an exciting platform for riders who’d like to see themselves competing in events, globally. This event will also feature Honda’s 250R Moto3 bike, a chance for riders to prove their mettle and showcase skills with a bike that is powered by a 249cc engine and a RAM air intake. The Honda NSF250R has a low center of gravity and an optimized swingarm. 

Worldwide, racing starts at a very young age. To address this problem in India, we introduced the IDEMITSU Honda India Talent Hunt - a platform to identify young riders in 2018. Already, these young guns are showing high-potential. As a next step, we are now bringing the World to India with the Moto3 machine NSF250R. This revolutionary step is the first-ever by any manufacturer and will exponentially accelerate the development of future stars of racing and propel them in the international arena too. 

NSF250R is the original race machine developed exclusively byHonda Racing Corporation for world’s best racing championship. The new NSF250RHonda Talent Cup is the perfect stepping stone for India’s talented young riders to improve their skills, giving them an opportunity to fast track their international racing career.



pos. bike no. name total time total laps best lap city
1 1 Kavin Quintal 15:09.312 8 1:51.943 Chennai
2 4 Johann Reeves Emmanuel 15:14.912 8 1:52.586 Chennai
3 6 Mohsin P 11:14.974 8 1:52.253 Valanchery
4 8 Rakshith Dave 15:15.274 8 1:53.164 Chennai
5 3 Prakash Kamat 15:16.837 8 1:52.841 Bokaro
6 11 Shyam sundar 15:17.619 8 1:53.038 Chennai
7 9 As James 15:26.614 8 1:53.931 Coimbatore
8 12 Vivek Rohti Kapadia 15:35.044 8 1:55.116 Belgaum
9 2 Raheesh Khatri 15:37.200 8 1:55.553 Pune
10 5 Theopaul leander 15:47.765 8 1:56.564 Chennai
11 13 Harshith Bogar 16:19.934 8 1:59.880 Bangalore
12 10 Siddesh Sawant 3:58.741 2 1:54.171 Bangalore
13 14 Rajender Beedani 3:58.826 2 1:54.099 Chennai