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We have always played an important role in motorsports, believing it to be the springboard for technological advancement. It has also been an aggressive force in the endurance, motocross and trail races held around the world. We, at Honda, aim to boost this momentum, as we pursue even greater achievements.

We’ve always loved racing, ever since Soichiro Honda took his company into motorcycle competition, sometime in the 1950s. Our engineers have tested themselves on the international stage, proving their technology to be the best in the world. These technologies are tested in the extreme conditions of motorcycle racing, to adapt them for use in vehicles that plyon roads today.

The focus this year is to discover and nurture from Asian region riders to compete at the world level. We’re on the lookout for an “Iconic Indian rider”, so we can train him to the best of our abilities, making India proud at “international championships”. To fulfil this dream, the team is working on an overdrive. In short term, the goal is to Boost Motorsport in India by providing Asia’s level opportunities to India’s best riders!

In 2018, we worked on 4 areas, from identifying young talent to developing them as next-generation riders, from nurturing this talent pool at national level to giving them platform to race with the world’s best.

We are committed to build the next generation of young riders for international championships from a young age. To this end, we are fast-tracking the career development of two of our IDEMITSU Honda Talent Hunt finds from 2018.

At Honda, we are driven by a challenging spirit and we want to be able to live up to the expectations and deliver the best results possible.


Our riders always put in their best to tame the track - The hard work and mastering riding techniques needed to hone their skills. Know more about how they began their journey with Honda Racing India.

Take inspiration from their journeys and get ready to carve your own, with Honda Racing India.


Honda Racing thanks its sponsors at all race events for lending out their support for the team.