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Motorcycle racing as a professional sport has been very popular across the world creating many top class riders who have made great and legendary careers through this sport. In India, motorcycle racing has existed since the early 70’s however never stood out as a professionally acclaimed sport until the last 8 years. With the motorcycle culture changing many youngsters have taken motorcycle racing as serious career path with opportunities to race abroad and represent one's country.

Motorsports is dangerous, but the organisers, teams and participants follow very good precaution and safety standards such as fully protected leather riding suit, leather gloves, full length specially designed boots, back and chest protectors, component fiber or carbon fiber helmets certified by SNELL and ECE standards. The organisers follow a strict sporting and technical code prescribed by international federations such as FIM for riders’ safety during the race event. Specialised medical and first aid facility is always on standby during the practice and race sessions. In racing, safety is considered utmost priority with no compromise at any level.

The growth of a rider mostly depends on the talent he possesses along with his passion and dedication to achieve a top position in this sport. Like any other sport, growth in racing is also associated with an individual's performance and might vary from person-to-person but as a thumb-rule once can assess the progress every two years to decide further course action.

Injuries are inevitable in any professional sport when a human pushes himself to the limit. Motorcycle racing is no exception and injuries are common but not necessary every crash results in an injury. The fitness of the rider will define whether he or she gets injured or not. All riders are insured to treat their injuries and a strong recovery process is recommended from the injuries with support by family and friends.

Motorsports is an expensive sport and just like all forms of sport at a professional level. With the support of Honda Racing India, the expenses are drastically reduced as Honda takes care of training, motorcycle, spares, riding gears, etc, et al. So the family needs to take care only of some nominal expenses such as training, fitness diet, Medical Insurance [Min 5 Lakhs] expenses etc.

All selected candidates will be trained by Honda Racing Academy or Honda authorised racing academy and ride a race spec Honda CBR150R. All races for season will be conducted at Madras Motorsports Race Track, Sri Perembudur.

As a company we can only sponsor rider who is selected through our talent hunt activity and evaluation process. Only top selected riders will be sponsored for National & International racing events. In case of individual sponsorship, we would suggest you to talk to the potential sponsors who can sponsor you for your racing career.

For becoming the part of Honda Racing India, you need to go through our talent hunt activity, if you get selected after qualifying in the selection process you can get a chance to race on our race spec machine CBR 150R, CBR 250R and NSF 250R.

You can participate in the racing class which is been categorised by FMSCI in national motorcycle racing championship. For more details, you can contact FMSCI.

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