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Competitive and aggressive, Thailand Talent Cup is one of the most sought-after racing events, globally. Different brands and their riders come together on this platform to race against each other and aim for the cup! Held in Thailand, Honda riders get a chance to showcase their talent here!

We fast-tracked our rider’s career development to be part of the 2019 Thailand Talent Cup, which is our development platform for young Asian Riders on NSF250R, a Moto3 like a machine.


Senthil Kumar competed in the Thailand Talent Cup in 2018 – where he enjoyed some strong results – and clinching third place in the 2018 INMRC Pro Stock 165cc championship back home.


We're happy to announce that we will be fielding 14-year-old Mohamed Mikail and 18-year-old Kritik Habib for the 2019 season of the Thailand Talent Cup. Both riders were part of the inaugural Idemitsu Honda India Talent Hunt; Mikail even won the title in the 150cc category, while Habib finished third in the same category.



pos. bike no. name total time total laps best lap city
11 7 Raheesh Khatri 28 :47.530 10 1:54.134 Thailand