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Competitive and aggressive, Thailand Talent Cup is one of the most sought-after racing events, globally. Different brands and their riders come together on this platform to race against each other and aim for the cup! Held in Thailand, Honda riders get a chance to showcase their talent here!

We fast-tracked our rider’s career development to be part of the 2019 Thailand Talent Cup, which is our development platform for young Asian Riders on NSF250R, a Moto3 like a machine.


Senthil Kumar competed in the Thailand Talent Cup in 2018 – where he enjoyed some strong results – and clinching third place in the 2018 INMRC Pro Stock 165cc championship back home.


We're happy to announce that we will be fielding 14-year-old Mohamed Mikail and 18-year-old Kritik Habib for the 2019 season of the Thailand Talent Cup. Both riders were part of the inaugural Idemitsu Honda India Talent Hunt; Mikail even won the title in the 150cc category, while Habib finished third in the same category.


pos. bike no. name total time total laps best lap city
DNF 14 MOHAMED MIKAIL 26:05:505 14 01:50:953 Thailand
DNF 15 Kritik Habib 26:05:543 14 01:50:959 Thailand