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IDEMITSU Honda Racing India team gain points in the final race of Round 5 of 2023 FIM Asia Road Racing Championship in China

Kavin Quintal adds 6 points in Round 5 of Asia Production 250cc class Race

§ Asia Production 250cc class (AP250 class) Race 1: Kavin Quintal showed his racing prowess and  finished Race 1 at 14th position securing 2 points, whereas Mohsin Paramban completed the race at 17th position

§ Asia Production 250cc class (AP 250 class) Race 2: Kavin Quintal demonstrated strong performance in Race 2 crossing the chequered line at 12th position adding 4 points; Mohsin finished the race at 18th position.

Zhuhai International Circuit (China), 5th November 2023: As the excitement peaked amidst the intense competition in Race 2 of Round 5 of the 2023 FIM Asia Road Racing Championship (ARRC), the IDEMITSU Honda India Racing team came to a climatic conclusion securing a total of 4 points at the Zhuhai International Circuit in China.

The Indian duo, Kavin Quintal and Mohsin Paramban displayed their remarkable skills and unwavering determination, showcasing consistent performance for the IDEMITSU Honda India Racing team. 

In Race 1 of Round 5, Kavin Quintal maintained complete focus against all the international riders in the challenging 10-lap race. However, despite a minor collision with another international rider international rider at Lap 5,Kavin fearlessly continued to compete and crossed the chequered line at the 14th position with a total time of 19:11.505. In the final round today, Kavin displayed his racing prowess once again and raced his way to the 12th position with a total time of 18:53.358, earning valuable championship points for the team.

On the other hand,teammate Mohsin Paramban too exhibited his best skills and gave tough competition on the track. In Race 1, he remained consistent with his performance and demonstrated his resilience and techniques. He finished the race at 17th position. In Race 2, while facing stiff competition from the other competitors,he held his ground and secured the 18th position in this challenging race with a total time of 19:21.802.Unfortunately, no points were gained by Mohsin at this position.

With the end of Round 2, The IDEMITSU Honda Racing India team has earned additional 6 valuable points, bringing their total to 27 points thus far in the 2023 FIM Asia Road Racing Championship (ARRC).

Quote of Mr. Yogesh Mathur, Director, Sales & Marketing, Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India,

“The overall round was very competitive, and our riders did really well on the track. I am happy that Kavin and Mohsin gave their best and finished the race without any mishaps. They kept their spirits high until the very end and exhibited their racing prowess. In the last race, they did a great job, earning 4 points for the team. After looking at how they performed in Round 5, we will curate our racing strategies accordingly to do even better in the final race in Thailand. We believe in learning from our mistakes and help our riders get even better with proper guidance fromour professional Honda instructors.”

Quote of IDEMITSU Honda Racing India rider Kavin Quintal:

“Today was a tough battle for everyone. I gave it my all and managed to gain some valuable points for my team. In Race 1 & Race 2 saw high intense competition, which helped me, see where we need to change our strategies to do better in the final race in Thailand. I want to thank my instructors for their constant support. This race has only fuelled my determination to keep getting better and will continue giving my best at the international soil.”

Quote of IDEMITSU Honda Racing India rider Mohsin Paramban:

“Race 2 was a real test of my skills and resilience. The competition was fierce, but I held my ground and finished in the 18th position. While it might not have been the result I had hoped for, it is all part of the learning experience in the world of racing. My aim was to stay strong throughout the race. As the race became more competitive, I maintained my calm and moved consistently to finish the race. Every race is a chance to grow and refine my abilities, and I'm determined to keep working hard and improving with each race.”

The IDEMITSU Honda Racing India team will now look forward to the last round of 2023 FIM Asia Road Racing Championship that will take place in Thailand from 01-03 December 2023