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Next-gen riders put up an impressive show on day 1 of round 3 of MRF MMSC FMSCI Indian National Motorcycle Racing Championship 2021

Next-gen riders putup an impressive show on day 1 of round 3 of

MRF MMSC FMSCIIndian National Motorcycle Racing Championship 2021

·      LocalboysKevin Kannan, AlwinSundar and UllasSantrupt Nanda dominates the race 1 ofnewly introduced Honda Hornet 2.0 One Make Race

·      SarthakChavan wins the close battle for victory; Kavin Quintal and Mohsin P secures 2ndand 3rd place on podium in IDEMITSU Honda India Talent Cup NSF250RRace 1

·      Photo-finishwin by IkshanShanbhag followed by Prakash Kamat and Theopaul Leander in Race 1of CBR150R Novice class

Chennai, 9 October2021: As the day 1 of Round 3of the MRF MMSC FMSCI IndianNational Motorcycle Racing Championship 2021 came to a close today, next-genridersshowcased impressive racing skills on racetrack.

Today’s racesofIDEMITSU Honda India Talent Cup – NSF250R & CBR150Rsaw the energetic young guns Sarthak Chavan, Kavin Quintal,IkshanShanbagh and Prakash Kamat set the track ablaze with their powerfulperformance.This rise in the level of racing from these young riders bearstestimony to the success of the program introduced by Honda 2Wheelers India tonurture the motorsports culture in India.

TheIDEMITSU Honda SK69 Racing Team’s riders Rajiv Sethu, Mathana Kumarand Senthil Kumar gave a strong competition to others in PS165cc category ofNational Championshipand finished at fourth, fifth and eleventh placesrespectively.

Outlining the performance of the riders today, Mr. Prabhu Nagaraj, Senior Vice President –Brand & Communications, Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India Pvt. Ltd. said,“Today was all about our young stars as they impressed us all with theirstellar performances.Sarthak displayed his racing prowess and won the NSF250Rrace today. It was incredible to see Kavin Quintal quickly moving up the ladderfrom his 10th place start in NSF250R. The CBR150R saw an epic battlebetween IkshanShanbhag and Prakash Kamatin the last lap. On the other hand, our Pro-Stock 165cc riders Rajiv, Senthiland Mathanafought hardand displayed true qualities of being great riders ontrack today by putting up a strong fight till end. Even though it was a toughday for them, our seasoned trio are fully geared to race their best tomorrow. Weare all set to better our results tomorrow.”

Newly introduced HondaHornet2.0 One Make Race

Theadrenaline-fuelled race of Honda Hornet 2.0 One Make race saw Chennai’s KevinKannan stealing the podium win from Alwin Sundar who bagged second positionwith a difference of 0.736 seconds. Joining them on the podium is UllasSantruptNanda who lapped back 0.513 seconds behind Alwin Sundar. Thrissur’s Anfal Awhilefighting fiercely for podium finish went wide in lap 5 and finished fourth.


IDEMITSU HondaIndia Talent Cup – NSF 250R & CBR150R categories

The powerful Moto3 spec machine was putto its true test by young riders in IDEMITSU Honda India Talent Cup NSF250R. WhilePune’s Sarthak Chavan won the race, Chennai’s Kavin Quintal showcased his fullpotential despite starting from back of the grid after crashing out in morningqualifier. Racing his finest Kavin surpassed the race leader Sarthak Chavan inthe last lap. However, Sarthak quickly overtook Kavin and cemented first placeon podium with total time of 11:10.598.Kavin Quintal after recording the bestlap of 1:49.506, finished secondfollowed byMalappuram’s Mohsin P.

The first race of third round of IDEMITSU HondaIndia Talent Cup CBR150R saw IkshanShanbhag, Prakash Kamat and Theopaul Leandercompleting the podium.In a neck-to-neck racing action between the pole starterPrakash and Ikshan, Ikshan steered ahead at Turn 9 of last lap and took the podiumwin. Recording the best lap of 2:09.733 seconds, 17-year Prakash finishedsecond with just 0.039 seconds behind.WhileChennai’s TheopaulLeander afterstarting from 6th on the grid, aggressively moved after an intensebattle & clawed his way upto3rd place after an intense battlewith Rakshith Dave who finished fourth.



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