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The Honda India Talent Cup is held across the country at various racing tracks, proving to be a national platform for Honda riders to showcase their mettle and fight it out amongst other Honda riders, challenging them to give it their best! Here, our riders get to test their racing skills on a professional platform after months of training at the Racing Academy, in the CBR150 cc category. This is our first step towards racing, professionally.


Riders who perform well in the Honda India Talent Cup get a chance to represent the Honda Racing India Team at the Thailand Talent Cup. We are proud to share that 2 riders from Honda Talent cup namely 14-year-old Mohammed Mikail and 18-year-old Kritik Habib has taken the next step in their journey and have been representing Honda Racing India at the international stage.



pos. bike no. name total time total laps best lap city
1 1 Raheesh Mudassar Khatri 00:12:50.201 6 2:06.605 Mumbai
2 4 Harshith V Bogar 00:13:09.078 6 2:09.544 Bangalore
3 2 Siddesh Sawant 00:13:10.491 6 2:09.327 Kolhapur
4 8 Syed Mohammed 00:13:25.118 6 2:11.757 Hyderabad
5 9 Pothu vignesh 00:13:25.300 6 2:12.245 Hyderabad
6 5 Steve waugh sugi 00:13:25.601 6 2:12.097 Trichy
7 3 Shyam Babu 00:14:02.875 6 2:18.253 Chennai
8 7 Rajender beedani 00:10:58.673 5 2:08.772 Jangaon